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Step into the world of Rasi Solutions!

Welcome to RaSi Solutions, your partner in safeguarding your digital world with advanced cybersecurity offerings! We recognize that each business is on a unique journey, and we're here to provide tailored solutions that not only fortify your defenses but also fit your budget perfectly. Let's delve into the three distinctive pricing plans

Choose your pricing plan

  • Standard

    Every month
     2 day free trial
    • Anti Virus and Anti Malware
    • Firewall Protection
    • 24/7 System Monitor
    • Vulnerability Scans Monthly with [REPORT]
    • Email Support
    • Basic Support
  • Advanced

    Every month
     3 day free trial
    • All Basic Features
    • Advanced Threat Detection and Response
    • Network Traffic Analysis
    • Weekly Vulnerability Scans [REPORT]
    • Advanced Support
    • Data Encryption
  • Premium

    Every month
     3 day free trial
    • All Advanced Features
    • Compliance Management
    • Penetration Testing
    • Security Information and Event Management
    • Daily Vulnerability Scans
    • Dedicated Support
    • Web Filtering
    • Exclusive Blogs
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